Is your scoreboard working for you?

Is your scoreboard working for you?


Is your scoreboard working for you?

Whether it’s a little friendly competition or more serious athletic games, chances are someone’s keeping score. Scoreboards come in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, and structures, but, bear in mind, these sport-essential elements can also take a beating.

Are you losing points with your audience?


Your scoreboard should make it easy for your fans to follow along

Old-school scoreboards leave a lot to be desired when it comes to helping fans follow along with the game. If you’re using a wooden scoreboard, people may not even be able to see the score from many places around the gymnasium or arena. On the other hand, digital displays won’t do your task justice if the technology you’re using is out of date. Inferior technology can make it more difficult for folks to follow along, mainly if the numbers are blurry or poorly lit.

LED scoreboards have everybody’s best interests at heart. With bright colors and optimal designs, fans can easily see when the score changes and how much more cheering they need to do to keep their favorite players’ momentum up.


Your scoreboard should optimize your fan engagement

Sure, the game should be enough to keep fans engaged, but in today’s world, people like to feel like they’re a part of the action on the court or field. Think about the gymnasiums that roar with unified cheers when an opponent misses the ball or the camaraderie everybody feels when they break out in a chorus of the school’s fight song.

Great LED scoreboards have a lot to do with that coordination. They cue the crowd to participate in certain sounds or actions that keep everybody motivated, both in the game and in the stands. Even if they’re not animated, the bright lights and brilliant colors emitted by quality LED scoreboards will give every fan a reason to cheer a little louder each time his or her team’s numbers get bigger.


Your scoreboard should be able to offer Replays, Interviews, and Exciting Highlights to Fill Downtime

Going right along with fan engagement, isn’t it nice to fill downtime with something other than bathroom breaks and shoving at the concession stand? Junior high and high school games may not necessarily have TV timeouts as the NFL and NBA do, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty of downtimes that can be used to amp up the crowd.

With LED displays, you can show replays of the questionable calls everybody’s talking about, showcase highlights of outstanding plays, or let the fans get to know players better by posting interviews and personal snippets from practice or real life.


Your Scoreboard should be bringing in revenue

Advertising on scoreboards is a great way to bring revenue to your organization while promoting some of the businesses around your community. Unfortunately, wooden scoreboards aren’t precisely designed for ease when it comes to updating the people who support your sport.

If you’re using paper or posters to promote your sponsors, that material will quickly begin to show signs of wear. Poor representation of your sponsors’ brands can lead to diminished support in the future.  On the other hand, LED displays to allow you to boost your sponsors’ brands in brilliant colors that are meant to be seen.



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