What is more important on a new install – gear or infrastructure?

What is more important on a new install – gear or infrastructure?

Logan, Integrating.

Many of our clients struggle with where to invest their dollars on a new project.  The question always comes down to asking the question of whether to spend it on infrastructure or gear?  Ultimately, everyone wants to have it all.  Knowing this is a constant battle, here are a few things to consider when fighting through those particular questions:


  • Integration labor cost on new construction is less than remodel labor
  • The time it takes to install cabling on new construction is less which equals fewer dollars
  • Make a list of required gear vs. wanted gear
  • Make a list of equipment you could buy in the future with budgeted dollars
  • Realize that infrastructure isn’t sexy but necessary for long term success
  • Realize the management of the system from a campus perspective (central vs. decentralized)
  • It is easier to build in for the future infrastructure while walls and ceiling are open during construction than once it is closed up
  • Cable and cable labor compared to gear labor is nominal but essential
  • Is there enough electrical infrastructure to support your technology infrastructure


Hopefully asking some of these questions will help you and your team decide if you need to keep, add, or subtract infrastructure and gear to achieve your short term and long term goals.  I want to encourage you that it helps to keep perspective of dollars based on the complete project as well when making these decisions.  A good rule of thumb for minimum technology is 7-12% of the entire project or for maximum technology closer to 13-20% of the total project.  It may seem high but remember in this day and age technology isn’t an add-on but essential to the organization’s existence and growth.  Remember to stay brand agnostic but solution based, and you will come out the winner every time!


Jeff Andersen


  • Red Oak, TX