What should you look for in a projector?

What should you look for in a projector?


In our years of purchasing, installing, and maintaining projectors, it has become apparent that not all projectors are made equal.  I know the race to the bottom-line has muddied the waters, but there is more to consider than just costs. This information goes for projectors at the opposite end of the spectrum as well.  Here are some things to consider next time you require purchasing a new projector.


  • White Output vs. Color Output-  One of the significant things to consider is that your lumen output (the measurement of brightness) of the projector you are considering has a matching color output as well.  Many of the low-cost brands provide you with a high lumen output that only measures white light output.  If you choose to go down this road, you may be disappointed with the final color spectrum of your projected content.  In our experience, we suggest making sure the white brightness and the color brightness have matching lumen ratings to ensure the brightest and most vivid version of your content.


  • Lens-  The next most significant thing to consider is the quality of the optics on your projectors.  Many of the low-cost options have lower standard glass, and the final product will show those quality losses.  If the edges of the image are blurred or not sharp, it is an indicator of a lower quality lens.


  • Features-  Many of the things that make a projector versatile and practical come from the additional features the brand provides standard.   The fewer the unique features, the more work it may cost you in setting up the projected image for use.  Many of the higher quality brands provide you internal software to IP control your projector, lens shift your perception, digitally zoom up or down, or even high end features like inner edge blending or quick corner setups.  It may not be the best cost savings in the end if you have to spend countless hours setting up your projector each time or buy additional gear to do what some brands have on board out of the box.


In the end, find a projector company in the top five of projector companies and start there.  It won’t be wasted time because there is a reason why they sit that high on the list.  A word of caution here do not get hooked by slick marketing stay close to the facts.  How are they performing on lumen vs. color output, are they using quality glass, and are they providing feature

sets that are going to save me time and give me great flexibility.  If they are positive on all three categories and meet the budget, then you have a winner.  Remember to stay brand agnostic but solution based, and you will come out the winner every time!


Jeff Andersen


  • Red Oak, TX