What is the difference between VCRNOW and other integrators?

What is the difference between VCRNOW and other integrators?


What is the difference between VCRNOW and other integrators?


Our firm has made several decisions that make us different from a lot of our competitors.  Before I take a minute to explain them, I want to express that in our industry there are a lot of great integrators along with some that call themselves integrators.  Please make sure that if someone claims to be an integrator, they are members of an organization like NSCA, Avixa, NACDB, etc.  If they are not members of one of these organizations, I would say buyer beware.  The three organizations above ensure integrity and continuity inside our industry.  They provide that the process is the most important thing, not a profit.  Here are a few things that make us different from our competitors:


  • Listening-  We listen, not talk when we meet with you to discuss your dreams, goals, intentions, and budget.  Over the years, we have learned that each project is unique and requires a keen ear to hear the end goals of the client truly.  We do not design projects in a cookie cutter manner but individualize them to every client’s dream.  Our favorite thing to hear at the end of the project is that “you heard what we wanted and delivered it to us.”  It is one of the highest compliments we can receive.


  • Brand Agnostic- VCRNOW does not stock our shelves with a bunch of product and then try and to cram that product down to its clients.  Our design team is continuously evaluating projects to determine their best use in the perfect environment.  Many products have a unique fit based on their specifications, quality, and pricing.  Since we have years of working with some of the best brands around, they all know we will represent them with the highest standards possible.  It is not a practice of ours to degrade different manufacturers to clients.  On the same note, if a client is insistent on getting a specific product, we will oblige that request with a list of pros and cons for what is being requested for full disclosure.


  • Budget Conscious- VCRNOW has worked for years within massive budget constraints to open-ended budgets.  We desire to see that the client gets the most out of their budgeted dollars.  Also, we do not want the client to walk in needing to purchase additional products.  It is a team effort to ensure that the EC budget, AVL budget, Networking budget, Security budget, and FFE budget all meet the final budget dollars.  Construction administration is neglected by many, but we have built a robust platform to ensure our processes are of the highest customer service and support.  We will come in on time and the budget.

The real difference is we treat you like how we want to be treated.  We want a lifelong relationship with our clients, where we help you reach your technology dreams simplified.  We do not see you as a one time sell but an ongoing partnership for the life of your business.  We desire to see you and your business grow to new levels, and we will work to make that a reality.  Remember to stay brand agnostic but solution based, and you will come out the winner every time.

Jeff Andersen


  • Red Oak, TX